Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Skyborn a finalist in the Student Academy Awards!

We have just heard that Skyborn is one of fives finalists in the Foreign Film category of the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles!! WELL DONE TEAM!! 

The Academy's Press Release

We find out whether we are one of the winning 3 entries in mid-May. They will be awarded a Gold Silver and Bronze medal. If we did get through, Jamie would head over to the States for the awards ceremony! It's such a privilege to be in the final five, whatever happens we should be very proud of ourselves.

Thanks everyone for your support and well done!

Screen even featured our picture in their article! Woot!

Screen's Article

Monday, 23 April 2012

Graham Hadfield, Skyborn Composer signed to United Agents

A huge congratulations to our beloved composer Graham, who has just been signed to United Agents!

You are a total star, and I am sure this is the beginning of a long and successful career! 
Oh no - we won't be able to afford you anymore!!

Graham's website is www.grahamhadfield.com check out his work.

Robin Whenary DoP signed by McKinney Macartney Management

We are super chuffed to announce that our talented DoP Robin Whenary has been signed to the prestigious McKinney Macartmey Management!

Congratulations Robin!! You're going to rock it!!

Also a huge well done to our fellow graduates Chloe Thomson, and Arthur Mulhern! Chloe is now signed to United and Arthur joins Robin at McKinney Macartney!