Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Skyborn a finalist in the Student Academy Awards!

We have just heard that Skyborn is one of fives finalists in the Foreign Film category of the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles!! WELL DONE TEAM!! 

The Academy's Press Release

We find out whether we are one of the winning 3 entries in mid-May. They will be awarded a Gold Silver and Bronze medal. If we did get through, Jamie would head over to the States for the awards ceremony! It's such a privilege to be in the final five, whatever happens we should be very proud of ourselves.

Thanks everyone for your support and well done!

Screen even featured our picture in their article! Woot!

Screen's Article

Monday, 23 April 2012

Graham Hadfield, Skyborn Composer signed to United Agents

A huge congratulations to our beloved composer Graham, who has just been signed to United Agents!

You are a total star, and I am sure this is the beginning of a long and successful career! 
Oh no - we won't be able to afford you anymore!!

Graham's website is www.grahamhadfield.com check out his work.

Robin Whenary DoP signed by McKinney Macartney Management

We are super chuffed to announce that our talented DoP Robin Whenary has been signed to the prestigious McKinney Macartmey Management!

Congratulations Robin!! You're going to rock it!!

Also a huge well done to our fellow graduates Chloe Thomson, and Arthur Mulhern! Chloe is now signed to United and Arthur joins Robin at McKinney Macartney!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Jamie Stone and Skyborn featured in Screen Daily!

After a wonderful reception at our industry screening at the BFI Southbank, Screen Daily seemed to have swooped on the story that Jamie and Mahalia Belo (our dear friend from the school) were both scooped up by Independent!

They surely are the next big thing, well done lovelies!!

Here is the article...

Monday, 20 February 2012

Skyborn Trailer!

It's been a long wait, but we are very chuffed to finally be able to show you the trailer for Skyborn!
Congratulations to our wonderful cast, Bob Goody, Perry Millward and little Louis Mertens for their fantastic performances! And to the crew for their passion, dedication and sense of humour!
If you are new to this blog, have a hunt around the 'August' pages to see how we made the film!

The film is currently being graded (the trailer is ungraded and will be updated soon!) 

We have a private screening at our NFTS Graduation Show (unfortunately strictly invite only), and will then have a Cast and Crew in mid-March. 

Please contact me via len.rowles@yahoo.co.uk to register your interest for the Cast and Crew screenings! 

Thank you to everyone for your support and help! We hope you like it, and if you do, pass it on! Or give us a job! (Seriously we're all very young and in need of a break!)

 The number of 'likes' directly relates to the number of screenings we are able to put on!

Lots of love


Friday, 23 December 2011


To Skyborn Cast, Crew and Supporters,

HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!! We hope you have a wonderful break and happy New Year!

Thank you for all your help, creativity, support, guidance and friendship this year, it has been so much fun and we are so grateful!

You'll be pleased to know that the film is picture locked and sound mixed. We are now in the Digital Post Production phase - so some fog replacement shot for example, and the grade.

It looks incredible! (I'm allowed to say that, Jamie's much more modest) We are so excited to show you the film in the New Year, we will have a screening at the NFTS sometime near the beginning of March so will be in contact with dates soon.

For now, we send our best wishes and look forward to getting you all together for a good old knees up!

Lots of love

Len xxx

Friday, 21 October 2011

Rowlawn's Press Release!!

Rowlawn issued a Press Release about the use of their turf on Skyborn!!


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Email Updates!

Hi everyone!

Since news is sporadic during post-production - I thought you might like to sign up to follow our blog updated via email! Link to the left!

Very excitingly I registered www.skybornthefilm.com today - this may seem slightly over enthusiastic, and perhaps sad, but it's our first website! It seems to signify moving into the 'exhibition' stage of this whole process, which is SO exciting considering how much love and time we've all put into it. Funny how the 'end' can be in sight in the middle of the edit... I suppose that keeps us all going!

Anyway, Jamie and I send our love!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Skyborn Post Production Update

Hallo everyone!

Just a quick message to say thank you for your continued support and good vibes during the edit! I will upload some pictures of post-production soon!

It's getting quite exciting now - Jamie has been working with James, our Editor, for a couple of weeks and we are due to picture lock on Friday! Graham, the composer, is cracking ahead and Jens, Sound Designer is readying himself for the tracklay!

The film looks superb. It is really tying together, the performances are fantastic and it has quite an emotional end, which I love!!

Jamie is still animating - we moved him down from Scotland into the Old Library at school, and he's hidden away, underneath the stairs in there... we've told him to stay put unless he runs out of water.

Helen Brownell has started sending us tweaked shots to drop into the timeline as the fog sometimes didn't behave - they are working... And the miniatures look gorgeous!!

In other news, Bastien is currently editing the 'making of' - which is looking superb!! He did a brilliant job of capturing the atmosphere on set and it's so sweet to watch it all back! We will show it when we show you the finished film in March and it won't go any further than crew so there's no need for anyone to feel too camera shy. ;)

Well, we can't wait for the film to be ready to screen... but sit tight and I'll upload some pictures of the team shortly! And when Kitty's done with stills I may leak a few too...

Lots of love to our Cast, Crew and Supporters,

Len xxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sand Animation Begins!

The Sand Animation Studio has been set up!! (.. in Jamie's sister's bedroom...)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thank you Skyborn Crew!

It's nearly a week since we wrapped and we're still not sure what hit us!!

With the exception of poor John and Robin, who have moved straight on to their TV Grad Shoots, we have all had a good sleep and time to view all of the rushes in a calm and collected manner! They look positively electrifying! 

Jamie is now setting up his sand animation kit in Scotland, and I am trawling through the accounts settling up with everyone! (If you haven't invoiced my for your petrol, please do so now!)

Kitty Walker, our lovely stills photographer is fiddling away with our promotional stills and Bastien Bourdeaux, who shot our Behind the Scenes footage is editing away, so there will be plenty of stories and pictures to oggle in the next month or so!

For now, whilst we regain our strength, I would like to thank the cast, and every single person who joined our crew for making this a truly enjoyable shoot. You can really see in the rushes that we put our hearts and soul into this film, thank you so much for coming with us on this insane journey!


Bob Goody - Gideon
Perry Millward - Blue
Louis Mertens - Young Blue

Charlie Macbeth - Tree Surgeon/Decorator & Gideon-Up-Tree Stand in

Jamie 'this shot's a freebie' Stone - Director
Robin Whenary - Cinematographer
Esteban 'List Manager' Frost - my gorgeous PM who has now moved on to bigger and better things! (sob)

Aden 'Patience' Turner - 1st AD
Dan 'Where are my water bottles?' Cox - 3rd AD
Sam Barry Parker - Additional 3rd
Molly Manning Walker - Floor Runner
Bex 'Awesome' Autumn - Floor Runner

Rob Thorman - Impeccable Script Supervisor

Imogen Horn - Production Assistant
Sarah Townsend - Production Assistant/Floor Runner

Ajay Rai - Unit Driver/Landrover Tamer
Darren Crisp - Location Manager

Joni Juutilainen - 1st AC
Jake Martin - 1st AC
Emilio Schlappi - 1st AC
Josefine Thieme - 2nd AC
Darren Ladbury - 2nd AC
David Pimm - 2nd AC
Fabio Falango - DIT

Mihalis Margaritas - Steadicam Operator

Lee Wooster - Gaffer
Dominik Palgan - Spark
Elliot Beach - Spark/Grip
Tom Ingram - Spark
Harpall Kaura - Spark
Steve Grant - Spark
Yasmin Kojman - Spark
Antti Janhunen - Spark
Stephen Hasseltine - Spark
Taras Bondarchuk - Spark
Nick Cooke - Grip

Mick Kearney - Sound Recordist
Sherylee Houssein - Boom Op
Henry Dyer - Boom Op

Louisa Thomas - Costume Designer & Thrift Shop Raider Extraordinaire

Hayley Barkway - Make Up Designer and £6 Wig Miracle Worker

Cat Harris - SFX Supervisor
Phil Chapman - SFX Assistant
David Jacobs - SFX Assistant/Unlucky Blue Stand In
Maria Aburn - SFX Assistant
Kathleen Squire - SFX Assistant
Doychin Margevski - SFX Assistant
Mike Hunter - SFX Assistant
Jenny Grover - SFX Assistant

Abi & Mani Joshi - Chicken Handlers/ Patricia Fluffers

Dean Forster - Stunts

Helen Brownell - VFX Supervisor and Emergency DIT

John Merry - Production Designer (who we are convinced has secret superhuman powers)
John Moolenschot - Flyer Maker
Harriet Young - Art Department Assistant/Darling
Jane Brodie - Art Department Assistant/Darling
Tim Sutton - Art Department Assistant/Upside Down Stunts Guinea Pig

Kitty 'Cheese and Onion' Walker - Stills Photographer and lovely person
Bastien Bourdeaux - Behind the Scenes footage & Chief Transportation Captain


Thursday, 1 September 2011

Crew Photo!

We're a couple of hours away from wrapping - but couldn't wait to post these wonderful crew photos taken by our stills photographer - Kitty Walker!

Our beautisome cast and crew!

Who are really feeling like zombies!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Week 1 rushes screen grabs!

Here is some of what we've been shooting so far...

End of Week 1!

We've had an intensely busy week in the studio and on location - here are some iphone stills that Josefine Thieme, 2nd AC took! Unit Stills and Rushes Frame Grabs to follow!