Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Thank you Skyborn Crew!

It's nearly a week since we wrapped and we're still not sure what hit us!!

With the exception of poor John and Robin, who have moved straight on to their TV Grad Shoots, we have all had a good sleep and time to view all of the rushes in a calm and collected manner! They look positively electrifying! 

Jamie is now setting up his sand animation kit in Scotland, and I am trawling through the accounts settling up with everyone! (If you haven't invoiced my for your petrol, please do so now!)

Kitty Walker, our lovely stills photographer is fiddling away with our promotional stills and Bastien Bourdeaux, who shot our Behind the Scenes footage is editing away, so there will be plenty of stories and pictures to oggle in the next month or so!

For now, whilst we regain our strength, I would like to thank the cast, and every single person who joined our crew for making this a truly enjoyable shoot. You can really see in the rushes that we put our hearts and soul into this film, thank you so much for coming with us on this insane journey!


Bob Goody - Gideon
Perry Millward - Blue
Louis Mertens - Young Blue

Charlie Macbeth - Tree Surgeon/Decorator & Gideon-Up-Tree Stand in

Jamie 'this shot's a freebie' Stone - Director
Robin Whenary - Cinematographer
Esteban 'List Manager' Frost - my gorgeous PM who has now moved on to bigger and better things! (sob)

Aden 'Patience' Turner - 1st AD
Dan 'Where are my water bottles?' Cox - 3rd AD
Sam Barry Parker - Additional 3rd
Molly Manning Walker - Floor Runner
Bex 'Awesome' Autumn - Floor Runner

Rob Thorman - Impeccable Script Supervisor

Imogen Horn - Production Assistant
Sarah Townsend - Production Assistant/Floor Runner

Ajay Rai - Unit Driver/Landrover Tamer
Darren Crisp - Location Manager

Joni Juutilainen - 1st AC
Jake Martin - 1st AC
Emilio Schlappi - 1st AC
Josefine Thieme - 2nd AC
Darren Ladbury - 2nd AC
David Pimm - 2nd AC
Fabio Falango - DIT

Mihalis Margaritas - Steadicam Operator

Lee Wooster - Gaffer
Dominik Palgan - Spark
Elliot Beach - Spark/Grip
Tom Ingram - Spark
Harpall Kaura - Spark
Steve Grant - Spark
Yasmin Kojman - Spark
Antti Janhunen - Spark
Stephen Hasseltine - Spark
Taras Bondarchuk - Spark
Nick Cooke - Grip

Mick Kearney - Sound Recordist
Sherylee Houssein - Boom Op
Henry Dyer - Boom Op

Louisa Thomas - Costume Designer & Thrift Shop Raider Extraordinaire

Hayley Barkway - Make Up Designer and £6 Wig Miracle Worker

Cat Harris - SFX Supervisor
Phil Chapman - SFX Assistant
David Jacobs - SFX Assistant/Unlucky Blue Stand In
Maria Aburn - SFX Assistant
Kathleen Squire - SFX Assistant
Doychin Margevski - SFX Assistant
Mike Hunter - SFX Assistant
Jenny Grover - SFX Assistant

Abi & Mani Joshi - Chicken Handlers/ Patricia Fluffers

Dean Forster - Stunts

Helen Brownell - VFX Supervisor and Emergency DIT

John Merry - Production Designer (who we are convinced has secret superhuman powers)
John Moolenschot - Flyer Maker
Harriet Young - Art Department Assistant/Darling
Jane Brodie - Art Department Assistant/Darling
Tim Sutton - Art Department Assistant/Upside Down Stunts Guinea Pig

Kitty 'Cheese and Onion' Walker - Stills Photographer and lovely person
Bastien Bourdeaux - Behind the Scenes footage & Chief Transportation Captain