Monday, 29 August 2011

Week 1 rushes screen grabs!

Here is some of what we've been shooting so far...

End of Week 1!

We've had an intensely busy week in the studio and on location - here are some iphone stills that Josefine Thieme, 2nd AC took! Unit Stills and Rushes Frame Grabs to follow!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Crew Vitamin C levels maintained by Innocent Smoothies!

We are so grateful to announce today that Innocent Drinks are sponsoring our shoot with nutritious smoothies!! Thank you so much to Conor and his team!!

All Producers know that keeping your crew energised and healthy through the long (and in this case foggy) days is an absolute must! It has made a tremendous difference to us to find loving sponsors who are able to help us do this on our student budget!


Monday, 22 August 2011

Breakfasts powered by MOMA!!

We are IMMENSELY excited and SUPREMELY grateful to hear that the lovely bods at MOMA Foods will be sponsoring our breakfasts during the shoot!! SEE? THIS IS THE BEST SHOOT EVER!

I think I must've been one of Moma's first customers at Waterloo when Tom set up his stall, and was chuffed to read of his success in this article in the Evening Standard soon afterwards! Well done Tom!

We're especially chuffed because they're the healthiest of the healthy, and do lots of 'Oatie Breakfasts' - which are oats soaked in lovely yoghurty stuff, so they'll be really filling and refreshing and yum!

So chaps, this means a BAN on all things greasy for breakfast, (except for our night shoot days when I know you guys would mutiny if we didn't have bacon), so HURRAH!!

Please say thank you to Moma on their facebook page, and have a look at their scrummy goods here!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

The stage is set...

And we're ready to go! 

The SFX Kit has arrived, the cottage has been dressed, all that's left now re a few mad dash catering runs, costume pick ups and a good night's sleep! This time to tomorrow we should have at least 2 4/8 pages in the can!!

So here are some images from the last couple of days of dressing and prep!!

John's corrugated iron goes up much to Jamie's delight!

Our collection of rusty things grows through constant donations!

Lee and Robin spends hours pre lighting with space lights

The straw goes in!

Jane and Steve, our lovely Art Department SWAT team!

Team 'Il Conte' - the Italian NFTS Grad contingent, realise they have so much stuff they can't fit their back seats in the van!

Esteban and Simon Mallin demonstrate their Man Skills by constructing our platform in under 15 minutes
John adds a final boulder to the scene!

Jamie and Robin test blue light on the cyc - to see if it'd match the miniatures.

The cottage gets it's final sweep of dressing!

Gideon's work station gets a makeover

Prop wildlife..

Gideon's bedchamber!

Chicken Coop!

The first set fogging of many!