Sunday, 7 August 2011

Miniatures Tests!

Cat Harris, our SFX Supervisor and Bianca Ansems, our Miniatures expert, have been busying away with cloud preparations for the last 3 weeks! 

The flying sequences are inspired by Terry Gilliam's Brazil, and we are extremely fortunate to have had the advice of Richard Conway - who worked in the SFX department of the film. The clouds are made from sculpted chicken wire and dacron, (which is a little like flame resistant sofa filler), and I have to say they looked rather unlikely lying on the Rehearsal Stage floor! Millie Proud, Dan Chater and Helen Brownell also very kindly stepped in to make these beauties a reality. 

Our first tests had the clouds suspended from Robin's lighting rig on wires, as we'd run out of C-stands. This was short lived as the Flyer has to swing over them.

Esteban Frost, Production Manager/God
Here are the results of our first miniatures tests, with special thanks to Mick Kearney, Sound Recordist, who stepped in to puppeteer the Miniature Flyer on his boom pole!

You'll see that the tests was far from perfect, but we deduced that the atmospherics work best closer to the camera, and that the clouds look rather convincing unless the camera becomes static! Watch out for the cloud bounce at the end!

Skyborn miniatures test from Jamie Stone on Vimeo.