Monday, 22 August 2011

Breakfasts powered by MOMA!!

We are IMMENSELY excited and SUPREMELY grateful to hear that the lovely bods at MOMA Foods will be sponsoring our breakfasts during the shoot!! SEE? THIS IS THE BEST SHOOT EVER!

I think I must've been one of Moma's first customers at Waterloo when Tom set up his stall, and was chuffed to read of his success in this article in the Evening Standard soon afterwards! Well done Tom!

We're especially chuffed because they're the healthiest of the healthy, and do lots of 'Oatie Breakfasts' - which are oats soaked in lovely yoghurty stuff, so they'll be really filling and refreshing and yum!

So chaps, this means a BAN on all things greasy for breakfast, (except for our night shoot days when I know you guys would mutiny if we didn't have bacon), so HURRAH!!

Please say thank you to Moma on their facebook page, and have a look at their scrummy goods here!