Sunday, 7 August 2011

Week -2!

Welcome to the Skyborn blog! 

Skyborn is our graduation fiction project from the National Film and Television School, about a father and son stranded in a foggy post apocalyptic wasteland and their attempts at building a flying machine to try and see above the cloud.

The film is being written and directed by Jamie Stone, and developed and produced by Len Rowles. 

Combining sand animation, miniature cloudscapes, a Main Stage full of cottage and grass and fog, stunts, chickens, green screen, a 20ft flying machine and oak trees covered in plastic bags... it is going to be a challenging shoot! 

So after 3 months of preparation, we are entering 'Week -2' of production, and as John Merry our Production Designer races to plaster up the cottage on the Main Stage, the DoP Robin, Bianca and Cat in SFX are about to tackle our main miniatures challenge...

We hope you enjoy our foggy frolics - here's to living the dream!